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Single-use filter kits

by Independence Low Vision


With the onset of COVID-19, patients/clients have been restricted from coming into a doctor’s office or clinic to be evaluated such that determining an appropriate lens filter for those with low vision has become challenging. Mailing and or sanitizing filtered glasses or charts can be cumbersome and time-consuming, add significant cost, and limit the number of patients who could be tested due to the sanitization process. In any event, there are low vision patients who live in remote locations or who may not be able to easily travel to see a doctor or go to a clinic to determine the appropriate tools and filters.

To address these problems, a low-cost single-use filter test kit was developed that is useable by the patient/client with low vision. The kit is mailed to the patient/client, and they can conduct a test with various glare control filters in different environments and with different light settings. The kit can be a one time use and disposed of thereafter or the kit may be saved and reused by the same patient during future evaluations. The relative cost of the kit makes it reasonable to simply discard the kit after use.


The kit includes: 

  • 6 Filter frames with tactile end (gray, amber, orange, yellow, plum, green)

  • Near Vision Chart (6 pgs. last page is 60lb card stock for stability)

  • Low Contrast Text (6 pgs.)

  • Contrast Options (2pgs)

  • Tint Shape Color Key (1 Pg.)

  • Measurement Cord 16 inches 

  • 12x 9 mailing envelope

Patent pending

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