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Ruby 10

by Freedom Scientific

The RUBY 10 video magnifier has a 10-inch touchscreen and three dedicated cameras. The RUBY 10 can magnify letters, magazines, labels, and photos. The swing-out arm allows you to view items in your hand and write. When extended, on the speech model, the arm also enables full-page OCR. With a touch of a button, you can scan pages and have them read aloud to you. The third camera is dedicated to seeing objects at a short distance such as signs and menus on a wall.


  • Available with and without speech

  • Magnify from 2X to 24X

  • Touchscreen and tactile buttons

  • Portable and lightweight

  • Magnify small objects and fine print

  • See objects at a short distance

  • Save scanned images and documents

  • Connect an external display via Miracast or USB

  • Scan and read full-page documents (speech model)

  • Connect a headset to listen to documents privately (speech model)

With Speech
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