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RealSAM Pocket

by RealThing AI


With RealSAM Pocket, you can make calls, communicate with messages, listen to books or other media and get assistance just by using your voice. No need to learn complicated touch screens, look for the apps that are hiding on a screen, or struggle with reading small buttons; just tap on the screen and talk.

Key Features:

  • Add contacts by voice

    • Simply say "Add new contact Jayme Thomas 415-111-2233," and it will be saved on the spot. Then you can call, message or save the contact.​

  • Make and receive calls​

    • Call new numbers and existing contacts by simply saying "Call Mike" or "Call 415-111-2233." Receive voice notifications for incoming calls.​

  • Send/receive messages

    • Say "Send message to my daughter" or "Send message to 415-111-2233" followed by your message. Say "Listen to my messages" to retrieve your incoming texts. Get notified of new and unread messages.​

  • Read text (OCR)

    • Snap a picture of text and have it read to you instantaneously using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The best part, RealSAM Pocket can also read handwritten text.​

  • Use video magnifier

    • Say "Open magnifier", take a picture of the text, people or the environment. Use handy magnification, contrast or color options to enhance the image. ​

  • Identify objects (beta)

    • Snap a photo of your environment and hear a description of what's around you. You'll hear things like "chairs, desks, computer, computer accessories, people, office, couch, etc."​

  • Get sighted assistance

    • Say "Be my eyes" and get connected to a sighted volunteer who can help with grocery shopping, home organization, navigation and much more.​

  • Access information

    • Use handy location tools like "Where am I?" or "What's around me?" and informational tools like "What's the weather in Paris?" or "What's the time in New York?"​

  • Use smart reminders

    • Say "Remind me to turn off the oven in 40 min," or "Remind me to call Vicki in 3 hours." RealSAM Pocket will sound an alarm when the time comes and remind you several times unless you cancel.​

  • Stream content

    • Stream thousands of books from Librivox, Calibre Audio, Project Gutenberg, and Torch Trust instantaneously or add them to your bookshelf. Access hundreds of podcasts, The Conversation newspaper and a multitude of radio stations.​

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