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The Bright Reach® Floor Lamp is incredibly bright, highly adjustable and allows for both room and task lighting in one. It comes fully assembled, saving time and frustration. With two swivel points and strategically engineered hinges, you can position the light exactly where you need it. You can control this lamp with a remote, making it easy to adjust from across the room. 

Adjustable and flexible, you can bring the light down to shine on a focused area like a book, or raise the lightbar higher to illuminate a wider area. In this way, it can provide ambient lighting as well as specific task lighting that holds your preferred position and then swivels out of the way when needed. 

The Floor Lamp can be placed near a:

  • Reading chair / Recliner
  • Couch
  • Dining table 
  • Desk / Countertop
  • Sewing machine
  • Bed

The footprint of the floor lamp is sleek and tucks under furniture easily. If preferred, the lightbar can also fold away when not in use.

Bright Reach Floor Lamp

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