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You can use the Bright Reach® Desk Lamp on a: 

  • Desk
  • Countertop
  • Tabletop (End, Coffee, Card, Dining, Crafting, Drafting)
  • Workbench

Or fold it up and take it to work or school with you. It provides brilliant, adjustable lighting for Zoom meetings and videography as well. 

With the optional rechargeable battery, you can use the desk lamp all day even without an accessible outlet. You can recharge the battery pack on the go, or you can purchase two batteries and use the lamp for an extended time while you are out. This is helpful for school, workshop use, or even card games, where a plug may not be easy to find or reach. 

Ideal for task lighting, our desk lamp has optimal glare control in addition to its portability, flexibility, and durability regardless of your working environment. 

Bright Reach Desk Lamp

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