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The Bright Reach® Clamp Lamp is designed specifically for workshop, hobby or on-the-go use. Smaller than the desk or floor lamp, the clamp lamp is handy because it can be fastened out of the way to save space. Essentially, it has no footprint but still shines optimum lighting on a project and is easily adjustable. The clamp lamp can also be taken to a classroom or flexible work environment to enhance poor or limited ambient lighting.

Some ideal locations for Clamp Lamp use are:

  • Classroom
  • Workshop / Garage
  • Garden Bench or Greenhouse
  • Library / Bookshelves
  • Drafting Table
  • Craft / Quilting Room

Traditionally clamp lamps are fixed, but the Bright Reach® swivels 30 degrees left and right, making light positioning easy. Our customers use it in kitchen and library settings where it attaches to counters or shelves without requiring additional furniture.

Bright Reach Clamp Lamp

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