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by IrisVision


IrisVision is an easy-to-use headset that helps people with low vision to regain their sight.

IrisVision provides a 70 degree field of view – wider than any low vision device on the market. And your vision is sharp and crisp.

Read a magazine, a menu, a recipe or your local newspaper. With IrisReader, our advanced OCR (optical character recognition) will scan text and read it aloud. IrisVision will display this text on its screen in large, high-contrast font for easier reading.

IrisVision now comes with your own personal assistant. Smart Voice Commands allows you to have a conversation with Alexa or tell it what you want it to do, such as “what’s the weather?”, “what time is it?”, “take a photo”, “reduce brightness”, or “zoom in”, without having to memorize specific commands.

Our new video player enables you to stream online videos when on WiFi. The video player features voice-enabled search, so you can easily find, play, pause,magnify and even save videos as you are watching.

Take pictures and save them for later with IrisVision’s Photo Gallery. Enlarge them to take a close look at details — you’ll find the pictures to be crystal clear.


  • Designed for comfort

  • Dimensions: 8 x 4.75 x 3.8 in. 1.1 lb

  • 2 year limited warranty

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